Stroke Judge 7/10

    You stoke judge this weekend.

    4:45 set up crew arrives and immediately begins (please be on time!)

    5:15am - tent parent, concessions, volunteer table *if you are late please skip to the front of the line so you can get to your tent asap!

    -5:30-6:30am swimmer and parent volunteer check-in

    -6:30am swimmer scratch deadline

    -6:00-6:30am typhoon warmup

    -6:30-7:00am visiting team warm up

    Volunteer Meetings: 6:45am

    -Timers (meet under the awning, beneath the clock),

    -Runners (non-start end of lane 1)

    -Exchange and Stroke judges (meet under the water slide)

    -Ready bench volunteers (ready bench area)

    If have any questions please reach out!

    -Charissa Pituch

    Pretend Volunteer Coordinator

    Sponsorship Chair in real life

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